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How to save money every month

Posted on 19 February 2010

It’s quite easy to pull out you wallet and pay money for useless things. The reason why I am saying it’s easy is because people are now habituated to make certain expenses every month unconsciously.

Hence, rather than looking at other difficult opportunities to save money, let’s have a look at how we can save money every month easily.

Here is a list of expenses which we generally incur every month and how we can cut it down. In short, this list provides help on how to save money every month.How to save money

  • If you have a cell phone, you don’t really need a home phone. Actually, a mobile phone is better than a land line phone in every way. I don’t still understand why people need it at home and offices. Get rid of them and save some money every month.
  • Yes, I understand internet is an essential aspect of everybody’s life and we cannot survive without it. However, why do you need a connection for your home PC, if you have an internet enabled phone? And if you want to access it on your PC, just connect the phone to your desktop. Save another bill every month.
  • Watching your favorite show is fun. However, does it make any difference if you watch it on your computer instead of your TV? Disconnect you cable connection and watch all your favorite shows on or other such websites. Why pay so much if you can get it for free?
  • The next time you bother about how to save money, ask yourself do you really need a gym membership. If your aim is to stay fit, you can do it by jogging and walking early morning. You can exercise at home, parks, or beaches. You don’t really need dumbbells and pulleys to stay fit except your aim is to become a replica of Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  • Subscriptions for Newsletters, clubs, magazines, etc., is a huge cost. Do they really add value? Most of them don’t. Stop paying for it.
  • There are many tricks to reduce your electricity bills. If you don’t know much about it, you will get thousands online. However, the most important thing you need to adopt is the habit of saving electricity. Turn off appliances, electronics, and lights, if you don’t need it. Open widow or use fans instead of A/C.
  • Every famous pill has a cheaper substitute. And let me tell they are made up of same ingredients and are not at all harmful. The only reason they are costly is because they enjoy a good brand name.

Easy, isn’t it? There are many other ways on how to save money every month. The only thing that’s required is dedication and willingness.

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