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Three Ps for a Successful Business Venture

22 January 2014

Business small or big has to be run passionately, professionally and perfectly and these three Ps will help your business venture to take off smoothly even though you may expect some turbulence and air pockets but you landing will be perfect. It is extremely essential to have a professional experience of the segment which is [...]

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Stock Brokers and Share Markets

06 January 2014

Investing in the stock market is a lucrative exercise but at the same time it needs tons of patience, constant evaluation, analysis of the stocks traded and their fluctuating cycles and over trading or greed may land you up in a big financial loss. However if you choose to appoint a stock broker who has [...]

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Things to Know Before You Rent a Place

26 December 2013

If you are in need of a rented accommodation, or if you planning to give your home on rent, as a tenant and as a owner you need to initiate a process of full proof documentation, which will safeguard your interest, and in case of a legal ligation or any other conflict or dispute will [...]

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Legal Aspects To Focus On While Investing in Real Estate

12 December 2013

  Buying a house is a complex process, but selling too involves tons of detailing, documentation, evaluation and analysis and finally once you have sealed the deal, the process of filing your capital gains begins, filing duly all your documents pertaining to your house as at every step in future you may need documents to [...]

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Hidden Costs Which Trap Consumers Today

15 November 2013

It is not uncommon or people to hold discussion about how each and every customer is taken for a grand ride, as the gullible customer has absolutely no idea of what is the real and actual cost of the product or services offered to him. Drip pricing, split prices, sundry charges, VAT, service  tax,  all [...]

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Know the Dynamics of Finance Operations in Business

11 October 2013

  The financial aspects of any business are co-related to gains and objectives if the enterprise and every policy, strategy, or tactic that is developed is based in the dynamics of finance operations to optimize the gains of the business. The role of finance function is to assess the potential uses of financial resources, acquire [...]

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Employment in the Modern Corporate Scenario

30 September 2013

The dynamics of human resources and employment have seen massive positive changes in corporate environment and has empowered the employee giving him the opportunity to prove his mettle, and to have some measure of control over the business environment and the process has improved their self- esteem and made a huge room for creativity to [...]

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Changing Face of Business In The Modern World

12 September 2013

  Business in the present times does not operate in a vacuum, the world and the people invariably influences its behavior, and at times in a negative constraining manner and at times giving it a chance to exploit an opportunity. The influences that determine the course of business practices are Political and legal environment, ethical [...]

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Tax Structure For Non Resident Indians

27 August 2013

  Tax structures have been subjected huge changes in the last few years, making it easy and simplified for the tax payer to file his returns and tons of sops and incentives have been provided to a tax payer and the tax friendly policies of the government have been much appreciated. However, tax structure in [...]

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Voice Biometrics: A New Addition in Banking

13 August 2013

There are been a tremendous rise in the frauds committed due to hacking and misuse of passwords, Pin codes, and banks are contemplating introducing methods to take the security to the next level and introducing a process Voice Biometrics  for phone banking, where the authentication of the customer is done by matching his voice with [...]

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The Tax Structure of Modern India

27 July 2013

  The tax structure in India is very rigid and makes a huge dent in  the savings of people who are retired or on the verge of retirement and have a fixed income by the way of interest accrued on the fixed deposits that have managed to accumulate in their life time. The high rate [...]

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Things To Bear in Mind Before Using Online Bill Payment Procedures

11 July 2013

Bill payments using online is a common practice today and the customers find it very easy and convenient to make all their bill payments for service providers, vendors, or utility bills online for which the bank statement is issued reflecting all the payments made and duly debited to your account. However it is imperative to [...]

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